3rd Ward Resiliency Grant

The EEDC has launched relief efforts to assist the small business owners and entrepreneurs directly


The EEDC is committed to the survival and success of the Small Business in the Emancipation Avenue Main Street district and the Entrepreneurs that have completed the Third Ward Small Business program. The EEDC is committing $15,000 to initiate a fund, with a goal of increasing the fund assets to a minimum of $100,000. We are encouraging business leaders, philanthropist and concerned Houston Residents to contribute to increase the reach and impact of this support. Please make a donation! Together we can broaden our impact and help more businesses.


As we know, the Third Ward community was once a thriving economic hub, filled with African-American owned businesses. The economic footprint is a shadow of itself. As the saying goes, when white American gets a cold, black America gets pneumonia. In the face of COVID-19, our small businesses are being hit hard, only a few business have remained open and many of them are struggling and in need of economic support. The EEDC is dedicated to doing what we can to support the community we love.


The Third Ward and its residents were once at the center of African American economic and cultural life in Houston (and beyond). After years of disinvestment, population decline, and loss of economic vitality, the community is now facing gentrification that is displacing long-time residents and reshaping the identity of the neighborhood. Seeking to create a community-led effort to address these challenges, the Emancipation Economic Development Council (EEDC) was formed in 2015 as a collaborative of organized, informed, and engaged residents, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, community development corporations, businesses, local government entities, and other stakeholders with a mission to “inspire hope and contribute to the revitalization and preservation of the Emancipation Park neighborhood of Third Ward. 

Information and Requirements: Please READ before Applying


Temporary Resiliency Grant Fund 

$15,000 (from EAMS with a Goal to raise $100,000 from Outside sources)


Award Size 

Up to $1,000 


Eligibility for Multiple Awards

If funds are available


Criteria to Qualify

1. Existing business with a physical location in Emancipation Avenue Main Street  Boundaries OR 

2.Graduate of Third Ward Small business Program ( CLARIFICATION - APPLICANTS CAN BE EITHER/ OR)

3. Must show proof of loss of revenue due to COVID-19 pandemic

4. Must be able to provide financial records and Tax Returns

5. Ineligible:   National chains and franchises


Documents Required

1. Driver’s License, bill, or bank statement proving   residency

2.  Proof of payment for goods or services (Contracts, Invoices, Receipts, Bank Statements, etc.)

3. 2018 or 2019 Tax Returns showing you filed taxes for   your business

4. Bank statements, Sales Reports, or some other   document proving reduced income for a minimum of 7 days, post March 9, 2020

*Please note, if you lack any of these sources of documentation, we’re still willing to work with you. Please email aneal@emancipationhouston.org,   so we can work with you to come up with a solution.


Grant Disbursement

For immediacy, funds will be disbursed via Paypal. In some instances, Gift Cards will be purchased to support the business. 


Funding Source for Resiliency Grant

$15,000 committed by EAMS. We are asking for matching support from stakeholders, corporations, philanthropy and individuals. To make donations to the Resiliency Grant Fund please visit  DONATE 

Doshi House

Doshi House


Applications Open Monday, April 20th

To Apply click here. 


Please submit all Required Documents to Alicia Neal aneal@emancipationhouston.org